Therapeutic Use for Mannitol

  1. Promotion of diuresis in the prevention or treatment of the oliguric phase ofacute renal failure before irreversible renal failure becomes established.
  2. Reduction of intracranial pressure and brain mass.
  3. Reduction of high intraocular pressure when the pressure cannot be lowered by other means.
  4. Promotion of urinary excretion of toxic materials

Ocusol is a sterile, pyrogen free solution. It is isotonic to the tissues of the eyes. It is a lint-free solution containing esential ions for normal cell metabolism.
For irrigation during various surgical procedures of the eyes.

Signature Brand from IPMS

The Minisol Perfectly made for specific miniature solutions made for efficiency and economical volumes in Pharma grade PET Bottle

Irrigating Solutions

Available in Sterile Water Solution and Normal Saline Solution preparation for cleaning wounds in the operating room and for simple room procedures.

Other Signature Brands Irrigation Solutions and our Klean & Kare

Klean & Kare NSS in variant bottle size for multi purpose use for Cleansing Contact lenses, Skin cleansing solution and for Nasal decongestant size bottle

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